Storm Tent Wash

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Storm Tent Wash – Spray On – 225ml

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Specially formulated cleaner for Tents, Covers and Equipment. Concentrated and Ready to use. Dampen fabric to be cleaned, shake bottle and spray from a distance of 10 – 15cm, use a Storm non scratch sponge or similar to aid with cleaning. Rinse well after use. Re proof with a suitable Storm proofer if required. Ensure fabric is fully dry before re-packing. Tent fabric is very much the same as a technical shell fabric and should be cared for using suitable cleaning products. This hand held cleaner offers direct cleaning whilst maintaining the original properties and performance of the flysheet without damage to the DWR treatment. Ideal for small tents and covers, for larger items try using our regular cleaner diluted and sponged on. Ensure material is rinsed after cleaning before application of any proofing.


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