Nemo Riff 30 Mens Down Sleeping Bag

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Nemo Riff 30 Mens Down Sleeping Bag – Long – Blaze/Deep Water

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Riff is NEMOs top-of-the-line, backcountry-oriented Spoon shape sleeping bag. This pinnacle performance 3-season 800 FP down bag offers a more athletic cut, designed for side sleepers who prefer space-saving packability and shaving critical ounces for long hours on the trail. Seventy percent of people sleep on their side, yet mummy bags are not designed to accommodate this. NEMOs unique Spoon shape bags offer more room at the elbows and knees, allowing side sleepers to shift positions comfortably throughout the night. This popular bag is loaded with features, including Thermo Gills that help regulate temperature during the night, a Blanket Fold draft collar that provides tucked-in comfort, and a waterproof/breathable footbox to withstand tent condensation. Left-sided zippers on the mens and right-sided zippers on the womens bags allow two Riffs to zip together for a double bag.


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