Nemo Chipper Reclaimed Closed

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Nemo Chipper Reclaimed Closed-Cell Foam Seat

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More than just a lightweight and easily packed seat cushion, Chipper, is also a big step in sustainable manufacturing. Made entirely from reclaimed and remolded PE foam scraps from our sleeping pad production, we’re reducing our footprint and making a fun, unique, and extremely resilient product. The engineered contours provide an outsized feeling of suppleness and protect from cold surfaces. Chipper, is an affordable, environmentally responsible and super-versatile companion for backpacking, gardening, travel, festivals, day trips, and sporting events. By reclaiming foam remnants from our pad manufacturing, in the first year of production we are able to keep 8.8 tons of scrap foam out of the waste stream and 48 tons of carbon dioxide out of the air compared to using virgin materials. We picked just the right blend of reclaimed scraps to give Chipper, excellent support and resilience. And utilizing the hexagonal nesting pattern from our Switchback, pad, we were able to optimize for packed size and weight.


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