Leki Ultratrail FX.One Trail Running Poles

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Leki Ultratrail FX.One Trail Running Poles – Bright-Red/Neon-Yellow – 110 cm

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The Ultratrail FX.One is an indispensable companion for your next trail running event! Whether you are running an organized event or chasing an elusive FKT (Fastest Known Time) the Ultratrail is the tool you need to accomplish your goals. The Ultratrail FX.One is equipped with the new Trail Shark, the first grip-strap system developed exclusively for trail running. Thanks to newly designed air channels, its grip weight has been reduced by 30 % compared to the familiar Shark system. The Shark Frame Strap Mesh fits like a glove and transfers power directly to the center of the pole. The slim shape of the Trail Shark hook allows the strap to be engaged with the pole or removed while on the run! An additional nose on the lower portion of the grip provides a second grip option and even more precise guidance. With a packing size of just 15 in this pole can be easily stowed away or hand held when not in use. At a weight of just 182 g (6.4 oz) you will hardly feel the weight, but will appreciate the support and propulsion this thoroughbred running pole provides.


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