Gear Aid Seam Grip FC Fast Cure Seam Sealant

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Gear Aid Seam Grip FC Fast Cure Seam Sealant

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SEAM SURE Water Based Seam Sealer is a fast drying, water based urethane formula designed for sealing sewn seams on synthetic fabrics and breathable laminates. SEAMSURE dries to a clear, flexible, long lasting film with a nearly invisible non-gloss finish. Ideal for waterproofing tents, packs, rainwear, garments, tarps and more. SEAMSURE flexes with the fabric insuring waterproofing even in cold temperatures and high wind conditions. Our unique brush applicator allows the user to easily apply SEAMSURE into needle holes, sewn joints, corners and under lap-felled and folded seams. Instructions for Use: Clean and dry all surfaces. Remove old seam sealer with stiff bristle brush and isopropyl alcohol. Shake well before use. Remove inner foil. Pull brush top open. Squeeze bottle gently and apply a thin, even film to stitching on coated side of fabric (or inside of item). Use brush to work into needle holes, sewn joints, corners and under lap-felled and folded seams. Clean drips and excess with damp cloth. ALLOW TO FULLY DRY before use or folding (minimum 2 hours at room temperature; longer if colder). Test for dryness before use. CLEAN-UP & STORAGE: Close brush top and wash bristles with soap and water immediately after use; stiff bristles may be loosened with lacquer thinner. Store in a cool, dry place. SPECIAL APPLICATIONS & TIPS: Tent Seam Sealing: Perimeter seams on seam taped tents are not factory sealed and require sealing. Apply a thin film of SeamSure to inside floor seams (fig.1). Allow to dry overnight. Use SeamSure to seal areas that regularly leak, such as stake-out points at corners (fig. 2). To seal the seams on your rainfly, set it up inside-out for easier application. Attach the rainfly to the tent so all seams are taut (fig. 3) About McNett… For over 20 years, McNett Corporation has manufactured and marketed the finest specialty products for outdoor, diving, watersports, fishing and travel enthusiasts. Our hard goods line and accessories, including care and maintenance products, are known worldwide by consumers and original equipment manufacturers. McNett Brands and Trademarks are the most recognized and trusted products in their categories. Aquaseal , Aquasure , Seam Grip , Freesole , MicroNet and Aquamira Brands are available in over 70 countries. Our Essentials for Adventure undergo extensive testing and use before being offered to our customers. The McNett on-staff product development team coordinates field testing in the most extreme conditions; from the rugged Pacific Northwest to the high altitude extremes of Nepal to the jungles of the Amazon Basin. With its unique blend of reliable products and personality, McNett Corporation strives to continue to bring innovative consumer products to markets worldwide.


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