DD Hammocks Tarp 3X3

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DD Hammocks Tarp 3X3 – Olive Green

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Our recommended shelter for hammock campers of all experience levels, the DD Tarp 3×3 offers reliable protection wherever you go. Its 19 reinforced attachment points offer a huge number of setup options, and it’s the tarp of choice for bushcraft & survival schools, the military and countless wild campers worldwide! Highly versatile With the perfect dimensions for our regular sized hammocks, the Tarp 3×3 is what we recommend as ample cover for a single person plus gear. Arrange it in an A-frame or diamond over your hammock for all-round protection, or simply use it to extend a porch on your tent. Cook underneath it. Use it as a ground sheet. Craft it into a tipi-tent. This tarp can be seen used by Chris Ryan (ex British SAS) in very extreme monsoon conditions in the Amazon rainforest on ‘Alone in the Wild’, aired on Discovery Channel on 02.11.11.


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