DD Hammocks Junior Frontline Hammock

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DD Hammocks Junior Frontline Hammock

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If you’re looking to get your kids into hammock camping as early as possible to set them up for a life of nature and adventure, then look no further than the DD Junior Frontline Hammock! Following the same design as our best-selling DD Frontline Hammock, the junior version retains all the same comfort, breathability and ease-of use as it’s big brother, just in a smaller 1.9m x 1.1m size (compared to 2.7m x 1.4m for the full size model). Bug-free camping Featuring an integrated mosquito net across the whole hammock to keep out any unwanted guests (right down to the tiny Scottish midge). The net is suspended on easy to fit spreader poles (40cm width). You can also roll the net up onto the poles to keep it out the way…or even flip the whole hammock upside down on insect-free days and nights! Breathable and user-friendly Two base layers of comfortable, breathable polyster ensure that your child remains comfortable throughout the whole night in warm conditions. When it gets chillier, an Inflatable Mat can be slotted between the layers for extra insulation – or even attach the DD Underblanket for deep winter warmth! Setting up is a piece of cake, just like all our hammocks. 4m of webbing on either side is used to suspend the hammock between trees, and elastic cord holds the mosquito net away from the body. It’s as simple as that – great practice for a lifetime of camping ahead! 4 pouch pockets (1 in each corner) are great for storing accessories: torches, hats & gloves, even toys!


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