Darche XL Double Swag Stretcher

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Darche XL Double Swag Stretcher

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Elevate your sleep with a DARCHE XL Double Stretcher. Featuring no hard support bar in the middle, the XL Double Stretcher is a full-sized stretcher designed for maximum comfort for up to 2 people. This can be used with our 1400 swags and Nebula or as a stand-alone stretcher inside tents and shelters. Stretchers can transform your camping experience. By getting yourself off the ground youre insulating yourself from the cold ground and allowing more airflow under the swag. For campers who dont have the greatest knees, it’s easier to get in and out of a stretcher than it is off the ground. No need to give up your favourite swag. The XL Double Stretcher is designed to fit the Dusk to Dawn, Dirty Dee, and Air-Volution 1400 or double swags. It still features the innovative pack-up design of the XL100 stretchers and packs down in minutes. It can also support up to 250 kg of weight and comes with a heavy duty carry bag. NOTE: This is not compatible with our Plus swags


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