Darche 900 All Terrain 4 Valve Mattress

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Darche 900 All Terrain 4 Valve Mattress – Black/Orange

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The All Terrain Mattress (ATM) is a 100mm thick fully bonded self-inflating mattress and is designed to fit most single, king or double swags and camping stretchers. Alternatively, simply use an ATM in a tent or the back of your 4WD, making it a must have touring item. The ATM range can also be used as general household bedding for guests and additional sleeping arrangements. The ATM range is designed for rigorous use in the outdoors, making it a must-have for those who explore, tour and camp regularly in Australia’s punishing conditions. At the core of the ATM range is a premium open cell high density foam where miniscule foam cells are purposely fragmented, offering a multitude of benefits. These cell pockets allow air to circulate and fill gaps, allowing the foam to absorb, release and control moisture vapour freely and resist the growth of mould. The ATM is a firm comfortable mattress with long-serving support and reliability. The high density level ensures the foam will not break down, shrink or diminish its R-Value rating over time. Therefore the ATM is suited to those who prefer extra support and comfort for posture, even weight distribution and overall improved rest and recovery. The ATM also features excellent sound absorption, ruling out the common frustration associated with noisy air mattresses. The durable 3D construction paired with the hardwearing yet luxurious 75D peach finished polyester top, provides excellent strength and resilience for frequent use. The uniquely machined plain weave continuous filament construction is engineered to ensure this extremely durable and highly resistant to wear-and-tear fabric will not lose its soft handle over its lifetime. Ultimate warmth is provided in this high quality fabric and is ideal for an undisturbed sleep on colder nights.


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